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  • A team built for dentists like you

    Most dentists have questions like when can I retire, what's my practice worth, what kinds of insurance do I need, what should I do about my loans, or how can I lower my tax bill?* The team at LifeStone Wealth Management was built to help dentists plan for life's significant moments and answer the questions they don't teach you in dental school.

    *Raymond James does not provide any tax advice.

  • The only plans that matter are yours

    As a dentist you know the value of a well thought out treatment plan. At LifeStone Wealth Managment we know the value of a well thought out Financial Treatment Plan™ based on your life. Our Financial Check-Up™ starts with a coversation based about your goals. You talk, we listen, then we go work crafting a Financial Treatment Plan™ that is as unique as you are.

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  • A better way to invest

    Risk Tolerance. That's one of Wall Street favorite buzz words. And while risk is important, it's not the only part of the story. What really matters is having a portfolio that is aligned with your goals and then allocated in a way that gives you the greatest chance of reaching your goals. By using low cost indexes we strive to reduce your overall portfolio management cost. This allows you to keep more of your portfolio for you, your family, and your goals.

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  • Education matters

    Financial Planning is hard - How hard? So hard that according to the CFP® Board only 63.3% of advisors who attempt to take the CFP® Board Exam pass. But passing an exam is not the only thing that matters. To maintain board certification a planner has to meet ongoing education and ethics requirements. So if your current advisor is not certified....You may want to ask why.

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