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As a dentist you have questions about your practice, taxes, insurance, debt, retirement and more.
A team that works with dentists only, we have answers.

  • The First Step: Identify Your Goals

    Here’s the fun part. Working together we will outline your goals. You might want to begin with the basics, like paying for essential expenses (the things you will need) such as housing and healthcare. Next we will talk about the goals that represent what you want to achieve, like travel, paying for grandkids’ education, leaving something to charity, or a second home. During our conversation our advisors will help you think through some important questions like “How much will that cost?” “Is this a one-time goal or do I want to repeat it?” and on a scale from one to 10, “How important is that goal compared to my other goals?”

  • Matching Resources

    Once you have identified and prioritized your goals, the next step is to list your resources. This includes holistic view of your dental practice, real estate, insurance, debt, income and assets that form the foundation of your plan. Doing so will help determine how close you are to reaching your goals. You don’t need a lot of detail to get started, but the more information we document in the plan, the better.

  • You and The Markets

    Investing in the financial markets has been daunting over the past several years, adversely affecting many people’s decisions to stay in the market, but understanding how the markets work and your willingness to take risk is the key to a successful plan. Your advisor can help explain the markets’ cycles and identify what might cause you to rethink your long-term investment strategy, as well as use Goal Planning & Monitoring software to help you understand your tolerance for risk.

  • Getting Results

    Once you have completed these three steps, it is time to talk about your results. Don’t worry if your initial plan isn’t where it should be. Achieving your vision will require trade-offs, and we are here to help you through that process. We can evaluate different decisions and see how minor changes to your goals can have an impact on your future.

    We will discuss your plan to help ensure it can withstand the unexpected, like higher inflation, changes in health or even an unexpected death. Finding the right mix may take time, but remember that you are in control and having spent so much time saving, you want to be sure your assets can work for you.

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