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Can just a few meetings change your life? We believe it can.

Our Financial Check-Up™ Process is a consultative experience designed to provide you with a clear understanding of your current situation, challenges and goals. It’s designed as a second opinion to let you know if you are on track to reach your goals.

  • Financial Check-Up™ Discovery Meeting

    Sit back and tell us your story. How did you get started in dentistry? What matters most you? What are your personal and professional goals? Where do you see yourself in 5, 10, 15, and even 20 years?

    We ask, you talk, we listen. Our Financial Check-Up™ starts with an in-depth review of your goals and the resources available to get you there.

    What to Bring

    • Last two years’ tax returns.
    • Current bank, mutual fund, brokerage and retirement plan statements.
    • Current life insurance policies.
    • Any wills or trusts.
    • Any other documents that would help us fully understand your financial situation.
  • Financial Check-Up™ Recommendations Meeting

    Based on our finding from the Discovery Meeting we present your “One Page Financial Check-Up™” along with current financial situation. We will make recommendations on how to improve the likelihood or reaching your goals. During this visit we will also share our thoughts on wealth protection, wealth enhancement and wealth transfer specific to your needs. You will be presented, in writing, with our thoughts, ideas and wealth management suggestions.

    We encourage you to take your plan home and review it.

  • Financial Check-Up™ Mutual Commitment Meeting

    At this point, we will be ready to make a mutual decision together about whetherthe team at LifeStone™ Wealth Management and Raymond James can help add substantial value and how to proceed. If the decision is made to work together, we will commit to work toward achieving your goals. If we decided to work together we will execute the documents necessary to put your investment plan into motion.

  • Regular Financial Check-Up™ Meetings

    Regular Progress Meetings provide us an opportunity to review changes to your personal or financial situation and measure our progress. If we need to make adjustments to your Investment Plan, we do so. We also review your overall progress toward your long-term financial goals.

    These regular meetings also allow us to work on the four key areas of your financial life beyond your investments: wealth enhancement; wealth transfer; wealth protection; and charitable giving.

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